Why blog…

So I could lie and say I was feeling inspired…but the seed to write a blog was planted whilst I lay in my bed scrolling through my list of recommended Netflix shows and feeling totally disheartened at the options in front of me. Surely there were juicer ways to spend my Saturday night…. so 2 minutes later BOOM a blog was born.

I have to admit I feel slightly excited every time my fingers hit another button; I’ve been a story teller and book worm since the age of 7. I would devour novels like no tomorrow: The Faraway Tree and the Babysitter’s club were the hits of my early years in primary school, followed by the Goosebump series and Harry Potter. By the time I was 11 I was spending my lunch times in the computer room spinning 60 + page stories that I typed up on Microsoft Word.

And then came highschool, which managed to suffocate some of my creativity by the time I graduated at 17.Being a bookworm didn’t seem compatible with the demands of year 12, and instead of getting lost in between pages I became a little lost in my own reality.


Who am I today?
I am a budding nurse. I am Macedonian. I am a postal mistress (I’ll explain later).


I am a slight gym junkie with big hips and a big ass. I went over my phone data this month because my complete lack of any sense of direction results in a crippling reliance on Google maps.

I am 21 years old (almost 22) and have never been in a relationship…and I’m trying not to let that bother me but damnit I’m lying if I say it doesn’t.

My deepest fear…that I am not good enough. That I can’t do and be enough to keep all of the balls  in the air juggling so they don’t come crashing to the ground.

At my core I am an introvert…which is why this blog business is now almost seducing me into embarking on an adventure which shares my innermost thoughts with strangers. The sorts of details that I would normally mark as private and keep tucked away.

These are the most interesting details I could conjure up about myself at the moment.. I will stand by my rejection of Netflix tonight as the idea of this blog has provided me with some juicy ideas for future posts (almost equally as juicy as Noah & Allie’s Notebook kiss in the rain).

I never have a shortage of awkward/humiliating stories of my day to day life so feel free to tune in to my misfortunes to make yourself feel better.


Why blog…

3 thoughts on “Why blog…

  1. Jo's Shelf Life says:

    Great stuff! I’m an introvert too, and at nineteen haven’t been in a relationship before (who needs ’em?). Neither do I have any sense of direction… at all. Can’t wait to see what’s in store! Good luck.


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